Archive: February, 2017

Toronto’s buried Reggae history

I am obsessed with Toronto’s Reggae history. As a visual artists I explore this obsession in my practice. Though it doesn’t get the respect it deserves here in Canada the experiments made by Jamaican Canadians in tiny studios across the city in the 70s and 80s are among the richest cultural contributions of any Canadians across any art form. I spoke to musician and engineer John Forbes about his strange introduction to Reggae music as a Jamaican kid who moved to Canada before Reggae existed. He also revealed that Rita Marley lived on Degrassi St!

The second video explores John’s role as house engineer at the notorious Half Moon studios, a place which produced some sublime 45s in the mid 70s, records which now change hands for over $500 a piece in collectors circles across the globe.

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