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Percussion legend Larry Mcdonald in NYC

While searching for Sheila Rickards in NYC I met up with the irrepressible Larry Mcdonald who was her old bandmate in the early 1960s. Though he is well known in Reggae and Jazz circles and even recorded and performed with Gil Scott Heron for decades I first came Larry Mac’s name on the back of an old record. Moonlight Party at The Myrtle Bank Hotel is an extremely rare Jazz Lp by Jamaican Vibraphonist Lennie Hibbert. The Lennie Hibbert combo existed before the advent of Ska and featured Larry Macdonald on percussion and a teenage Sheila Rickards on vocals.

Larry is a fascinating guy with a wealth of stories about his 50+ years in the business who is still going strong and now tours with Lee Perry. He has been actively trying to find Sheila Rickards for some time and remembers her fondly. He also revealed a piece of information which I had never heard before and as an Australian seemed almost too crazy to credit:

LM: “I heard she had moved to Australia and went underground…”

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